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My Creative Direction Approach

Brand design is less about how something looks and more about how something feels.

Design elements are meant to meld together in order to create a cohesive experience for your viewers and potential clients. So when we work together…we’re about to create a business VIBE.

To set us on the right track, I spend the first week (yep, WEEK!) working with my clients developing our creative direction. We deep dive into the nitty-gritty of your origin story, your present moment, the dream, the vision, the whole thing, so that I have a full understanding of what we’re workin’ with. We funnel those discoveries into our creative direction, which completely sets the tone for all the other work that I create!

Not only is developing a strong creative direction together going to help streamline communication, it also narrows my design efforts, and helps both of us know without a DOUBT that the designs I make will be aligned to convey the messaging we’ve set out to achieve for your biz.

With that in mind, presenting you a moodboard to get a feel for our creative direction just…ain’t gonna cut it for me.
Instead, I present each client 2-3 different creative areas that each have their own design style and intention. They’re basically moodboards on steroids (stylescapes) and they’re blown beyond a few aesthetically-pleasing squares.

These creative areas are well thought out collections of many different

  • logos
  • typography
  • illustration styles
  • icon inspo
  • color

that all fall in a style category.

With each creative area, I include a page to outline what we’re lookin’ at with each piece that helps guide discussion. In full, these areas present a full-blown creative concept to buy into!

From here, we chat it over in a meeting and you let me know what you’re a fan of!

My clients tell me they love this, because it allows them to be a part of the conversation and talk through what feels right for their business before any creative work is delivered. And I personally love it because it streamlines my design!

At the end of our meeting, I have a clear design direction to go in. This leaves less room for back/forth, scrapping of ideas, and restarting design. Instead, I’m able to present work that actually STICKS, which means more time dedicated to perfecting your brand.

A solid creative direction is what allows us to spend more time refining all the feelings together. That’s what it’s about at the end of the day!

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