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The Value of Brand Design

How investing in brand design shapes your brand story and connects with your ideal customers

When customers see a brand for the first time, they immediately have a gut reaction to it. They may be attracted to the story, the purpose, or the feeling. Overall, they either connect or they don’t with a brand from the get-go. Having a solid brand design connects your values to a like-minded audience. And of course, that’s exactly what we want! More people who connect with you = more customers.

Great branding delivers great results.

It gives purpose and direction, shows customers who you are, and unites your audience. But in order to get that emotional connection that delivers great results, you’ll need to work with a brand designer to create it.

There are a few key things to think about when you get started with a brand designer:

1. Branding is an investment.

It’s often not cheap to work with a designer. Because by definition, an investment is something that is going to provide you a return. It’s meant to last and generate more income in the long-term. And branding absolutely does! Creating something completely tailored to you and your business transcends trends and templates. Trends may fade, but we can pretty much guarantee that who you are as a business, what your mission is, and what you stand for are all here to stay.

2. Brand design is an in-depth, thoughtful process.

We take the time to create something completely customized together one-on-one, and get it right. With my clients, we spend many weeks together, which allows us to dig in and get crystal clear on you and your business, develop strategy, direction, and partner through revisions. That’s how we develop something that (not only looks stunning, but) truly pulls the heart, soul, and mission of your company through.

3. We have an expensive problem to solve!

Whatever your branding may be before hiring a brand and web designer, whether that’s DIY-ing it or phoning a friend, it could be doing a bit of damage in the meantime. A huge majority of brand credibility comes from design. If a brand doesn’t appear as amazing or legit as it is, potential customers aren’t going to take it seriously.
And on your website, visitors make that decision really quickly: it takes about 0.05 seconds for visitors to form an opinion when they visit your site. How many potential customers could that have been?

4. We’ll think of EVERYTHING.

Consistency and customer recognition are KEY! No matter your business, whether you’re a skincare company, a photographer, or a restaurant, you’re going to have a few different places you’ll need your branding. This could be on your website, packaging, labels, pricing guide… it ends up kind of being everywhere, doesn’t it?
And it should! Having a versatile array of branding assets is going to help you keep your consistency and customer recognition up. A brand designer knows exactly how to make sure your branding is compatible with each space it needs to occupy, so you don’t have to sweat it.

5. You’re paying for more than just some files.

Of course, you’re getting primary logos, secondary logos, icons, submarks…the works. But in addition to that, you’re getting years of expertise the designer has developed on your project. You have a professional designer and brand strategist in your corner, at your disposal, on your team. You hire a brand and web designer because they know exactly how to hone in on your business, its heart and soul, and its vision to create some real magic with you.

6. If you don’t invest in your brand design, how can you expect your customers to invest in you?

You taking the risk and investment to pour your heart and soul into doing the dang thing right for your customers will pay off ten-fold. They will be able to see the thoughtfulness and care that you have for your brand because of all of the above reasons. When you care, you show up, and when you show up, so do others. If you can’t justify spending your money on branding, you cannot expect customers to spend money on you. And that’s the hard truth.

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