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Infusing Yourself into Your Day-to-Day Work

I believe that, as a creative business owner, you should seize every opportunity you can to merge your worlds. 

What I mean by that is this: your business is probably one of many worlds you live in. Who are you outside of your business? What do you like? What do you like to do? Those are the other worlds!

There is SO much value in finding new and fun ways to mush those together:

  1. It’s going to help you tailor your business to you. By default, you’ll start to do more of what you love, and less of what you don’t.
  2. It’s also going to make your work exciting for you, which is what it should be in the first place! It won’t even feel like work anymore.
  3. If you’re a creative like me, adding that piece to your work gives it that little “you” stamp, and acts as the perfect doorway into building something signature that always stands out from the crowd. 
  4. People will start to pick up on it, which is super exciting!

If you’re like, “how the heck am I supposed to do that?”, I’ll give you an example!⠀⠀

I love illustrating. It’s my thing! Incorporating personal, hand-drawn touches in my brand and website designs feels like getting someone a super thoughtful, imperfectly perfect gift. It just fills me.⠀

Some of the illustrations you see here weren’t even a part of any of my client projects. They just felt dang good to create!⠀⠀

This past year, I started incorporating a lot more hand-drawn illustrations into my clients’ branding, and now I can’t see my business without it.

For one thing, it gives my clients something completely custom they couldn’t find anywhere else. One of my favorite things to do with brand illustration is pull a heartfelt piece of their story through, and include it like a little Easter egg. It makes it that much more special!

Not only that, but I have FUN while I’m working! (The impossible is possible) And that’s what really makes a sustainable business – one that has a whole lot of passion attached. ⠀

So in order to infuse yourself in your day-to-day work, start taking note those things that feel very human to you, that you may find yourself doing 𝘫𝘶𝘴𝘵 for heck of it. They are the exact reasons people will want to work with you!

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