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Passion Projects and Creating For Joy 

How Passion Projects Fuel Your Creativity

Designer friends, this one’s for you. Passion projects may be one of those things that we think, “I don’t need to do them, right?” Maybe we say, “I’ll do a passion project when I have a little down time”, or “I’ll do that passion project during the next lull”.

And then…they stay ideas!

If you’ve read even this far, this is your sign to make that passion project idea you’ve been sitting on more of a priority. There’s sooo much value that comes out of a project you truly enjoy, and I don’t think we talk about it often enough. So I will!

Diving into passion projects helps you create something shareable, that you reeeeallllly love — that in turn helps you attract your true dream clients!

If you’re all about manifestation, this goes hand-in-hand. 

Whether or not you already have dream clients busting down your door, passion projects in line with who they are speak straight to them. It’s the perfect way to show that a) you understand them and their industry, and b) you would be perfect for them (even if you haven’t already worked with a client like them)! It helps direct those dream clients to the no-brainer zone when it comes down to working with you. 

It can help you round out your portfolio!

In addition to gearing passion projects towards the clients you want, it’s never a bad idea to flaunt that versatility!

My favorite tip, especially for designers new to the freelance world, is that you don’t even have to reveal that this work wasn’t for a “real” client. What?! I know.

You can share it out on Instagram, Pinterest, and your blog without even having to utter the word “fictional”. This will help you with #1^

MOST IMPORTANTLY! Passion projects give you a chance to serve yourself and your joy.

As designers and service providers, we constantly create for others in order to make a living. We lend our talents and skills in order to help other business owners shine, and it’s a beautiful thing! But it’s so important to stay in tune with that creative fire. It helps you feel the reason you love doing what you do, and remember that feeling. It’s honestly a part of designer self-care. 

If you can’t bring yourself to do it for Reasons #1 and #2, do it for Reason #3! You are always your most important customer. 

Let me know if these tips for creating passion project was helpful for you!

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